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    Website Development Overview

    Website Development is developing webpages or websites that require being hosted on the internet for public accessibility. Think about your favorite video streaming website or an e-commerce store that you purchase your daily groceries, all of them has to be built by a web developer. The complete process can be categorized under three main components for better understanding.

    Client Side Coding :

    While viewing your favorite website, you are the ‘user’ a.k.a ‘client.’ Every application or computer program that is executed on your web browser is the client-side script. A web page can have alternating content such as HTML5 and other popular languages that are used in client-side scripting.

    Server-side Coding:

    There are server-side scripts written that are required to be executed on the web server end when a user requests a service or document. After receiving this request, the server produces the document/service usually in the form of HTML that is readable by the user’s browser. The document sent by the server often contains PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby and other client-side scripts.

    Database Technology:

    A website requires hosting within a database on a web server to function on the internet. All files of a website and the applications are contained within the database. Websites use relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL (open-source).